January 6th 2021 – Domestic Terrorism, Not ‘Patriotism…’

As I and all of us witnessed live and streaming direct into our minds, thousands of citizens met in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. It is one thing for people to exercise their First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble, express their grievances and protest. Before the day was over – we all witnessed in pure disbelief and outright fear, thousand if people violently enter the US Capitol to begin literally an insurrection, a hostile takeover of the government. This insurrection was set into motion solely because their designated leader did not win the election. No one can dispute this as fact. We all saw it happen before our eyes.

Amazingly now, after this all happened by coordinated effort and expressed execution by their designated leader they want to claim they are not domestic terrorists and they did not commit an overt act of insurrection and deliberate acts of sedition against the US Government. Suddenly after their mentally weaponized zealous intoxicated acts of violence, they want to proclaim they are not domestic terrorists and they did not commit an act of domestic terrorism. Not so fast my friend, not so fast.

So let me get this straight. They knew what they were going to do once they arrived in Washington DC. They planned this efforts for months. They knew as they began their mob like assault on the steps of the US Capitol their goal was to possibly kidnap and/or kill sitting members of Congress plus the Vice President of the United States. But now since they’ve been charged they’re doing suicide or claiming they were justified because their ‘president’ told them to do it? Yet now, as the arrests being to get closer and closer to all involved – they dare to evoke the plausible deniability defense of ‘I was doing what I was asked to do… doing what I thought was the right thing because the man in charge told me to do it…’ Wait – did I miss something? Are we not all held accountable for both our decisions and our actions? Does this only apply to some who have to follow the letter of the law and others who feel the letter of the law does not apply to them since they will not face prosecution for their decisions and or actions no matter what happened as a result.

As much as I want to have compassion and understanding – those who chose this destructive course of action as domestic terrorism – they knew it was wrong when they started down this dark path. Of a truth, in a previous election cycle in the not too distant past – they chastised those of us who legally protested the results of a certain previous election [Gore vs Bush] which did not go in our favor, an election which was fraudulently stolen. Yet we did not storm the US Capitol. We respected the process; we disliked the results and still respected the democratic process. Those who committed this act of domestic terrorism did not share or have compassion, evoke reason and understanding when they destroyed federal property, committed criminal trespass injured and/or caused the death of law enforcement and their collective actions resulted in the loss of innocent life.

They were not up there to talk and or reason with those of opposing views. They went up to Washington DC, entered into the US Capitol seeking to harm and or kill the Vice President of the United States, active members of the US Congress who were all duly and properly elected in the same manner their candidate lost his election. I am sorry what part of insurrection, committing acts of destruction of federal government property, stealing federal government documents and technology and the possible effort to deliberately kidnap sitting members of the US Congress being ‘a real patriot who honors, upholds and justly will defend the Constitution against all threats – foreign and domestic?’ Please do understand the threat of a domestic terrorism against this nation state is the worst form of terrorism. It totally undermines every aspect of how this nation seeks to exist, function and operate as a society of “due process and just laws.” A democracy does not and cannot exist where the enthralled mob can dictate and demand a democratic process be altered to conform to their enraged will. This is not a democracy, it is an authoritarian state.

Since when is kidnapping, political assassination by a mob milita ‘good and noble thing to do for democracy?’ Did I miss some a memo saying this democratic republic with a citizen representative form of government is no longer in effect? Is now the United States a banana state democracy with global nuclear strike capability? Do we only take out and apply the Constitution of the United States and the electoral process when it only favors one side or does it represent the rule of law for all sides to follow? Answering this goes along way in determining how we see ourselves as a nation, how we really want to govern ourselves as a ‘civilized society, a nation state of laws.’

Commiting acts of insurrection acts of sedition against other citizens, acting as a domestic terrorist mob in no way or capacity makes want to sit down and make rationale sense of it all. Forgive me – it is is very hard to elicit feelings of compassion and/or sympathy for anyone who went down this path on January 6th 2021. This was not only an attack on the democratic process, it was a deliberate act of domestic terrorism.

They claim their effort was to support their candidate who lost the election fraudulently. If election fraud occurred, which it did not, the Republican Party would not have gained seats in the US House of Representatives and all current Republican Party members in the US Senate would not have been elected. So if the election was so corrupt and rigged, how did everyone else get elected except the outgoing [now former] administration? Simple answer – the previous administration lost both the Electoral College Vote and the Popular Vote outright. The Electoral College Vote and Electoral College Certification Process along with the popular vote, the “checks and balances system” established by ‘The Founding Fathers’ – worked exactly has it was supposed to do so. This ‘checks and balance system’ was set up to avoid this nation from being ruled by a minority enraged their candidate lost.

Even during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the assassination of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy – we did not storm the US Capitol. The March on Washington in 1963, the Million Man March in 1995, the Black Lives Matter / Justice for All March of 2014, the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March in 2015, and the Black Lives Matter March of 2020 – ‘We, the People’ did not storm the US Capitol. We did not ever set into motion to commit acts of insurrection, acts of sedition against the US Government. Nor did we seek to harm law enforcement nor seek to kidnap and or possibly kill sitting members of the US Congress. Yet on January 6th, 2021 – they with coordinated action, willful intent and reckless abandon, these domestic terrorists stormed the US Capitol seek to harm, kidnap and or possibly kill sitting members of the US Congress, deliberately damaged federal government property, caused injury and death to members of law enforcement and even caused one of their own to be killed in this process. Forgive me for not having any compassion, empathy and lacking understanding for their cause. They do not have any evidence to support their oppression nor rational basis to justify their criminal behavior.

Acts of insurrection and sedition are federal felony criminal charges. There is nothing nice or easy about committing these federal felony criminal acts. Even the Constitution of the United States outlines acts of insurrection and sedition as acts of treason. They are deliberate, thought out and executed with the intent to cause physical harm and or undermine the entire democratic process. Not to mention the possible loss of life. We need to be extremely mindful and ever vigilant of this fact.

My prayers go out for the family members affected in the aftermath. Why? Because they are the ones who how have to deal with both this loss and left to explain to others why the action of one doesn’t represent them negatively towards society.

It is really hard for me to grasp on, hold on, willing to work for the espoused four tenants of democracy, equality, liberty, justice – seeking to work within this system. We have been working within and for the progressive development of this democratic system since Crispus Attucks took the first bullet in the War of Independence as a runaway slave up to present day. Only calls for us to stand up against oppression, tyranny were for us to be viewed as human beings, respected as equal citizens in this society and no longer work as an enslaved workforce since 1619. Yet others can continually change and subvert the system to fit their needs without any reciprocity, prosecution since 1619.

I say again to this nation – had “We, the People” did not storm the US Capitol during the turmoil and unrest of the Civil Rights Movement. We did not storm the US Capitol after the assassinations of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Malcom X. We did not rise up, take up arms against the government sanctioned CONTELPRO efforts to deliberately disrupt and dismantle our Civil Rights organizations and the Black Panther Party during the entire Civil Rights Movement [despite your false claims that all were ‘domestic terrorist organizations and a grave threat to democracy’]. Eventhough all our organizations have only sought equality, justice under the law – we never sought to forcibly apprehend sitting members of the US Congress, destroy federal government property. Even today, in the midst of the ongoing quest for justice in the Black Lives Matter Movement if we did such acts of insurrection and sedition which occurred on January 6th, 2021 – we would be labeled domestic terrorists, tracked down and immediately arrested.

I do apologize for the length of my thoughts. It is time for justice and for all citizens to rediscover rationale behavior. Demand and work to ensure people use reasonable thought, equal justice and real progressive leadership committed towards fixing the real issues impacting this nation state. I demand this nation to bring back rational thought, real leadership, sound public policy and compassionate forward thinking democracy back. Did not the actions seen play out on January 6th, 2021 – show you America, enough is enough?! Enough is enough. Be better, work for better and live better.

Practical Not Political – Election 2020

Practical Not Political
Election 2020
…This Election is not just about the President and Vice President

  • 35 US Senate Seats [11 Democrats, 6 Republicans – Battleground States: AL, AZ, CO, GA(2), IA, KS, KY, ME, MI, MN, MT, NH, NC, SC, TX]
  • 435 US House of Representatives Seats [41Seats – 20 Democratic / 20 Republican / 1 Libertarian; Battleground States: AZ, AR, CA(2), FL, GA(2), IL, IA(3), ME, MI(3), MN(2), MO, NE, NJ(3), NM, NY(3), OH, OK, PA(2), SC, TX(5), UT, VA(3)
  • 11 State Governors; 2 US Terrorities [4 Democrat, 7 Republican (2 US Terrorities – American Samoa(Democrat), Puerto Rico (Independent Party – Open Seat)
  • 10 State Attorney Generals [IN, MS, MO, NC, OR, PA, UT, VT, WA, WV]

Election2020 #ElectionDay #PracticalnotPolitical

Practical Not Political: Election 2020 – Key Battleground States

So the 2020 Election has arrived. Now this pivotal decisive election both in terms of cultural mindset and public policy direction, comes to a critical point. Many will look at only polling data for insight has to what states will determine the course of this election. The “Path to 270” has always been a complex […]

Practical Not Political: Election 2020 – Key Battleground States

Practical Not Political: Election 2020 – Key Battleground States

So the 2020 Election has arrived. Now this pivotal decisive election both in terms of cultural mindset and public policy direction, comes to a critical point. Many will look at only polling data for insight has to what states will determine the course of this election.

The “Path to 270” has always been a complex road for the voting public to understand. This year will be no different. This election however will not come down to one or two battleground states. This election will be decided by fifteen battleground states across this Republic. Fifteen states and their electoral college votes will determine the outcome of this election.

The fifteen states and their electoral college votes are as follows: Maine [3], New Hampshire [4], Pennsylvania [20], Ohio [18], North Carolina [15], Georgia [16], Florida [29], Texas [36], Arizona [11], Nevada [6], Minnesota [10], Wisconsin [10], Michigan [16], Colorado [9], Nebraska [5]. Each state represents not only an aspect of this nation state, each state represents a cross section of this Republic with considerable influence on the direction of this nation state going forward for the next ten years. Each state listed in as a battleground state has the capability to influence at least two states around their location and or region based on domestic policy agenda and population growth for the next ten years. The next ten years will be based solely on the population information obtained from the 2020 Census. The states of particular interest in the Northeast, South and Southwest will all go a long way in determining the domestic economic and socioeconomic agenda for any administration.

While I do not have any insight as to whom which state will vote for a given candidate for the upcoming election – I do know, recognize this one fact. This nation state has a long road ahead to addressing the domestic economic issues plaguing those fifteen battleground states and their issues of social justice issues are acknowledged. The real challenge comes from developing a strong socioeconomic and social justice agenda which will ensure those specific states will be able to and allowed to address their concerns for the next ten years. This effort must include an inclusive, progressive agenda which will ensure the successful development and growth of those fifteen states to then spread outward towards the neighboring states surrounding their location. Each of the fifteen battleground states represent the future of this nation state in terms of its domestic policy agenda. My only hope is that those fifteen states move in direction which is both progressive in terms of the consent of the governed and we, the governed, do all we can to ensure the success of this government and this democracy.

It is abundantly clear this nation state in its current state, lacks the ethical and moral leadership resolve to fix this entire nation state. We, the citizens of this nation state, must commit our voices and votes to be heard in this current election. We must commit our voices, our commitment to the cause of repairing and fixing this nation state.

Seething Rage… No Justice, No Peace

[Seething Rage…]
190 Days Ago… So three police officers execute a no knock warrant on the wrong address for someone already arrested hours prior. They enter into said property; begin shooting at the first person they see, a person who might I add was woken up from sleep by those entering into the wrong address, seeking to serve a warrant for someone who was already arrested hours earlier at a different address.

The three police officers fired ten shots into the apartment, striking the person who lived there six times. The other four bullets went into another apartment, missing the three occupants inside that apartment. No one was hurt in the other apartment by those wrongly fired stray bullets which pierced into their apartment, shot by the police officers who entered into the wrong address, to serve a warrant for someone already in custody hours earlier. The person they wrongly killed dies in their own apartment, the officers render no first aid for the person they wrongly shot. The shooters as they are leaving, call for paramedics 20 minutes later for the person they killed.

Out of the three officers involved, only one is charged with shooting into the other apartment. None of the officers were charged in the death of the person they killed eventhough the ballistic report proved the person killed in the apartment was shot by one of the three police officer’s weapons.

Seething rage for no indictment of any of the officers who killed Breonna Taylor. They indicted one of the three for shooting into another person’s apartment – not for killing an unarmed citizen in that person’s apartment for serving a warrant on the wrong apartment for someone who was already in police custody. If myself and two other people bust into another person’s home and we shoot them dead in their home – we would be charged with no less than manslaughter and at worst, second degree murder! Why they are not being indicted and charged with either manslaughter and or second degree murder is beyond my comprehension, understanding! Breonna Taylor’s death is a tragedy and she deserves justice!

BreonnaTaylor #LouisvilleKentucky #LouisvillePoliceDepartment #BlackFistRaised #BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace

Black Lives Matter, Part One

Memo to ‘america:’

Do not ask me, my community to adhere to straight lines of democracy, decency, measured discourse meanwhile you are allowed to roam society freely like an armed minutemen paramilitary force seeking to be crooked deputized overseers over a society where the letter of the law is bent to ensure equality, liberty, justice for all is never achieved. Do not ever question our patriotism. We have believed, fought and still fight for the betterment of this nation state since 1619 without hesitation, reservation, question of the outcome, never concerned about our own destiny or demise.

We were the first to spill our blood at the Boston Massacre for a demand for equality, justice, end of oppression, tyranny when you viewed us as less than human and property under your suppressive, oppressive rule of state sanctioned slavery. Even from 1685, you have so marginalized our existence and our rights to be considered an equal and just member of this nation state to the point where you dare question our patriotism just because we do not believe and think as you believe and think.

Hate to break this to you – we have only sought to hold this nation state accountable for ensuring all persons within the confines of this nation state are equally respected and legally protected under the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States since you forcibly brought us to these already inhabited shores to be the enslaved workforce of this nation state proclaiming equality, liberty and justice for all. Until we have that, we will not stop protesting, we will not stop demanding justice and we will if need be required fight you to the death to ensure this nation state provides what those two documents said they would do for all persons living in this nation state.

In truth you did not build this nation state. You only took by force, trickery and deception lands already occupied by an already existing population, drove them off their lands they roamed free and then made us do the hard work to build this nation state. Meanwhile you sat back and raked in over 275 years of both free labor and the right to build up institutions which only served you and your needs. We will not rest, waiver nor yield until equality resides, institutions of systemic racism falls and justice prevails.

So let it be written, So let it be done…

#BlackFistRaised #BlackLivesMatter #ProtesttoPolicy #RiottoReform #NoJusticeNoPeace

Memo to ‘america’… Your Hypocrisy Is Showing

Memo to ‘america:’

Your double standard hypocrisy is really showing. Amazing how you are now skillfully seeking to change the narrative, purpose for the protesting. Same deny, deny, delay tactics used during the Civil Rights Movement. Suddenly it is ‘un-american’ to speak about discrimination. It is wrong to speak on the matters of historical systemic racism, the need to end rampant abuse of power by those tasked with the duty to protect and serve – not issue summary judgments executioners using ‘qualified immunity’ as their shield to allow their sword to still kill citizens without consequence.

To hear you tell it – everything here is just fine, nothing wrong, nothing to see here. Cue the double speak distractive tirades on soapbox venting sessions known as ‘news talk radio.’ Let the misdirection mirage begin to avoid fixing the systemic racism, discrimination. It is really fascinating how you ‘america’ can pick who are the good patriots and who are the bad protestors. Funny thing about that ability to pick and choose who are the patriots and who are the protestors – we are using your own historical playbook against you to make our case and you do not even know it.

Applying your current day expressed mindset of your current leadership to historical events precedents – those who spoke out against injustice, those tasked with protecting the community were actually abusing their power resulting in both serious injury and in most cases the death of colonists disproportionately at the hands of the British military. Nevermind that abuse of power. It would have been wrong for you to stand up against such oppression. Yet those soldiers who hurt and or killed the colonists would never face trial nor receive punishment because the British military would have ‘qualified immunity’ – a rule of law exempting them from being prosecuted for criminal behavior against the colonists and misconduct in the performance of their duties. Those speaking out againsy ‘taxation without representation,’ tyrannical rule would be viewed as those ‘seeking to destroy the current way of life, destroy our society.’ Those who you then called ‘patriots’ then would be viewed as ‘armed rioters, violent protesters.’ The ‘protestors should not be allowed to tear down statutes of those symbolizing their oppressors.’ To take down the symbols recognizing British rule over this colonial state would be akin to removing the historical heritage of British rule over The Thirteen Colonies.

With this double standard thinking, the colonists should never have fought for their own independence. I mean everything was so great under the indirect rule by the British monarchy. A monarchy who had a representative government who gave The Thirteen Colonies no seat in neither the House of Commons or the House of Lords despite the fact The Thirteen Colonies literally helped Great Britain get itself out of debt and keep funding its war efforts against France, their hated rival who successfully began their own colonized state now known as Canada today. Since everything was so great under Great Britain – there was no need to speak out against the tyranny, taxation without representation, injustice and being forced to live under discriminatory, unjust leadership.

The colonists, The Thirteen Colonies should have just let the British military do whatever they wanted to colonists as people, their property and constructed communities. You know since only ‘All Lives Matter,’ Great Britain was treating the colonists so good and life was so wonderful under British rule. No need for the uprising which lead to the Boston Massacre. Absolutely no cause for the Boston Tea Party.

The French – Indian War, the Declaration of Independence, War of Independence, the War of 1812 never would have happened under this utopian state of colonial rule. No need for the Articles of the Confederation. No need for the Great Compromise, the Constitution of the United States. The Louisiana Purchase and Western Expansion all would have taken place under British rule. With this in mind, since everybody was so happy being under British control – the British monarchy should have been allowed to be greatest colonial power from 1600s into 1900s. This nation state now known as ‘United States of America’ would probably be known as ‘King George III Terrorities.’

Practical Not Political – “Blueprints of Justice and the Sledgehammer of Reform”

“Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.” – Robert Kennedy

Everyone loves revolution. Everyone wants to be a part of the revolution. Being a part of the initial frenzy call for revolution is an intoxicating mental narcotic. The demanding calls for change, revolution resonate, impact a society like a rock hurled into lake. Its impact creates rippling waves which ultimately come back to the same shores where the rock originated. Revolution is rock, reformation is the wave which comes back to shore coming in contact with us demanding either we move or toss another rock. Either way, the call for change will be answered.

Now you see the call for a new revolution. This revolutionary call demands the response of true justice, real reform. You can remove monuments, statutes of a society’s heritage idolizing historical heritage and legacies. This removal of monuments does not change corrupt mindsets who have benefited from the creation of, the continual existence of corrupt racism and ongoing institutional systemic socioecomomic oppression which created this nation state 401 years ago. This is not a war of man versus man. This is warfare of just principles versus unjust principalities. The foundation of this nation state was wrongly forged. So now we have to begin the task of exposing the faulty foundation, deconstructing and the hard task of removing the evil to repair the unjust structure of this nation state. Now we begin the hard task of reconstructing the unjust structure with the blueprints of justice and the sledgehammer of reform while keeping this civilization both civil and intact.

The real challenge is not the effort of reform. The real challenge exist in the resistance against reform. Like I said earlier, everyone loves the revolution. They love the revolution until the work for reformation demands their commitment to answer the call for true justice, real reconciliation for the systemic injustice which has been and still currently is being imposed on those oppressed. Everyone wants the beautiful completed work of building this society. They want to admire the completed work yet they do not want to deal with the sweat equity of justice, reformation. Suddenly this revolution begins to bother their comfort zone of detached existence.

Amazing how everyone wants the revolution until they realize this revolution means whole scale reformation and reconstruction of the way this society deals with, interacts with each other. This reformation and reconstruction must the full scale renovation of both the society and its institutions ways of interacting with each other. This revolution and reformation will force each of us to look at the blueprints of justice and work to build this society with a better constructed framework of public policy engagement. This is where the hard sledgehammer of reform begins its difficult task. This sledgehammer of reform not only will strike down walls of injustice, it will hit against the resistance of changing mindsets and policies. For many this change will be a taxing one to accept as a new reality. This new reality will bring to light, reveal the hearts and minds of people. As we work to rebuild, renovate this society in the midst of this revolution – we have to be prepared for the real resistance against this reformation and need to change this society. For many, this revolution and reformation will result in the loss of their control over institutions which keep them in a position of authority, power. Their resistance to this positive revolution and reformation speaks to their resistance to change and evolve into a better society. Despite their objections to keep injustice alive, we must keep working for reform. We must stop injustice to continue exist in a state where a corrupt socioeconomic system oppreses and suppress others. We must defeat institutionalized racism and its efforts to maintain its control over others. We will no longer tolerate nor allow this incorrect public policy power structure to continue to its existence. This revolution will prevail. This reform will succeed.

Practical Not Political – Policy Reform Strategies for Law Enforcement in America

It is time to move from riot to reform. It is time to shift from protest to policy. The only way this injustice will cease is with demanding real justice and obtaining real reform. This current system is broken. This current system does not allow for those who seek to change it internally to be successful and it does not remove the dysfunctional problems, the negative elements from its ranks without those who seek to stop the injustice for either being viewed as not being loyal to their fellow officers or they accept this is how it is and will always remain. I do not believe nor share this philosophy. I strongly believe this system can be reformed and change can occur without losing those who serve in law enforcement with dignity, honor and respect daily never violating any fellow citizen’s Constitutional rights, never diminish their human rights of dignity and respect under the equal protection by the law.

This blog will list out policy reform strategies meant to help resolve issues with law enforcement and their engagement with all citizens in the performance of their duties. I strongly believ by implementing these strategies law enforcement will better interact with citizens and the community day to day. This is an effort to seek to be the solution to the problem. We cannot allow this problem to continue to exist unchecked. Too many lives have been lost, families affected and the society as a whole is suffering under this pain. On the other side – those who work in law enforcement who seek to do this work with dignity and respect are finding it extremely difficult to continue do it and their morale is suffering.

Enough talking about the problem. Let’s begin to work together to be the solution or seek to provide meaningful solutions. I will list out my reform strategies for law enforcement in America here:

1. All law enforcement agencies, local and state must adhere to uniform standard operating policies and procedures mandated directly from authority of the United States Department of Justice. All local and state law enforcement agencies will go through accreditation program established by the US Department of Justice. This will ensure all local and state law enforcement agencies [this includes both municipal law enforcement and county law enforcement] adhere to the same uniform standard operating procedures directed by the federal government to both maintain their federal accreditation status and receive all federal funding. Non compliance with this federal mandate will result in removal of federal accreditation and suspension of federal funding until accreditation is restored after the United States Department of Justice through the Office of the Inspector General will conduct a through investigation review of that given local law enforcement agency policies and standard operating procedures before federal accreditation and federal funding is restored.

2. All state law enforcement administration entities [i.e. Department of Public Safety, State Highway Patrol, State Bureau of Investigation] who oversee all municipal and county law enforcement will work directly with the US Department of Justice to ensure all municipal and county law enforcement are in full compliance with the federal government mandated accreditation program. This will ensure all state law enforcement training programs, policy and standard operating procedures are both consistent and uniform to maintain their federal accreditation. This federal government training program which will be given to all state law enforcement administration entities will define and specifically outline law enforcement directive regarding the use of non – lethal and lethal force. This directive will ensure both municipal and county law enforcement are in compliance with federal regulations and state statutes concerning all operating procedures and use of non – lethal and lethal force. Non – lethal force will ban the use of chokeholds nationwide. Body camera technology will be incorporated and used by all active law enforcement when they are engaging with citizens. This streaming information will route directly to a secure server for real time review by watch commanders and subject to review by independent citizen review boards. State law enforcement administration agencies will ensure all municipal and county law enforcement policies, standard operating procedures are in alignment with both the United States Constitution, all federal regulation and statutes regarding police conduct and procedures. Those municipal and county law enforcement agencies who are not in compliance with this federal government mandated accreditation program will not receive any federal and or state funding until they are in compliance.

3. All local municipal and county law enforcement agencies will establish independent citizen review boards who will work to ensure all police conduct, interaction with its citizens and the community at large is in compliance with federal and state mandated uniform operating procedures and policies. The independent citizen review boards will also serve as liaison citizens between law enforcement, the community at large and community organizations. This will finally serve as an effective bridge of communication and ensure all citizens can effectively resolve issues with local law enforcement without confrontation and hositility. The independent citizen review boards will seek to ensure local law enforcement agencies are conducting themselves with the community in professional conduct at all times. The independent citizen review board will at no time interfere in law enforcement operations nor will they communicate any information of law enforcement operations to the community. By working with the independent citizen review board, local law enforcement agencies fully communicate to its citizens what law enforcement agencies are doing throughout the community and all actions taken are transparent. Any questionable professional misconduct, misuse of authority and or misuse of non – lethal force will be reviewed thorough the independent citizen review boards in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies. All decisions rendered through this investigative aspect of the independent citizen review boards working with local law enforcement will be binding and listed as public record, accessible based on the Freedom of Information Act. This information will be maintained in the performance and personnel files of the officer and or officers found to be not in compliance with federal and state regulations as it pertains to their professional conduct with citizens in the performance of their duties. Excessive and or continuous violations of professional code of conduct will warrant both suspension from duty and or termination from law enforcement. This information will be placed on the former officer or officers personnel file should they seek to work for another local, state and or federal law enforcement agency.

4. All use of lethal force by municipal and county law enforcement agencies will be directly investigated by the State Attorney General Office working directly with the State Bureau of Investigation. The local District Attorney and or the County Attorney will not have authority or jurisdiction over both the investigation of the use of lethal force nor in the determination of criminal charges if it is determined by the investigation such use of lethal force was not justified. By placing both the investigation and filing of criminal charges for unauthorized use of lethal force in the hands of the State Bureau of Investigation, State Attorney General Office this will not cause the investigation and findings of fact to receive any bias, conflict of interest and or favoritism in the investigation by the local District Attorney Office. Additionally by the findings of fact, the investigation and determination of criminal charges being determined by the State Bureau of Investigation and the State Attorney General Office – such an investigation will immediately notify the US Attorney General Office of such an investigation as well. This will prompt the US Department of Justice working through the US Attorney General Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to open their own separate investigation into the use of lethal force. This aspect of the investigation will determine if federal charges are warranted in this matter. Anytime such an investigation is started on the state level, the case and or cases will prompt the to involve the federal government to become involved. This review will also go into their review towards annual renewal of federal and state accrediation and continuation of receiving federal and state funding.

5. All persons seeking to work in law enforcement will be required to complete both the federal and state mandated training program devised and administered by the US Department of Justice as well as go through psychological examinations and background checks for clearance to work as a member of law enforcement pursuant to the standards established by the US Department of Justice. This training will encompass a mandatory two year training program of both criminal justice certification and successful satisfactory score from the examination completed from the US Department of Justice Professional Conduct Law Enforcement Program. Until successful completion of both programs, all potential law enforcement candidates will remain in a probationary status. During this probationary status, the probationary candidate must work under both a certified training officer who has completed the US Department of Justice Professional Conduct Law Enforcement Program for one year before their probationary status is lifted.

6. Mental health professionals and social workers will work with state and local law enforcement agencies. This effort will help law enforcement to address both non – criminal and socioeconomic issues in the community where law enforcement may be the first responder yet they are not the primary solution. Both mental health counselors and social workers will help resolve matters from a psychological and sociological perspective. Mental health counselors will also work with law enforcement in an effort to help those serving as first responders to process their day to day experiences. This will help those in law enforcement to work better in their profession and ensure their mental well being is sound for them to perform their demanding work. This effort will also help law enforcement better engage with the community due to the fact they will learn, incorporate and use different strategies, techniques to better engage with the community. This process component will hopefully strengthen relationships between the community and law enforcement while decreasing the need for law enforcement to constantly be in a state of military engagement with the community. Law enforcement should only have to engage in a military mode of operation against criminals and any criminal element who are using lethal force to maintain their criminal operations in the community.

7. Community policing will mandate municipal and county law enforcement personnel reside in the district and or precinct they are assigned to protect and serve. This effort will create an environment where law enforcement is visible in the community on a consistent basis – not just when criminal activity or a criminal element enters into a community. Descalation of both crime and people being intimated by the law enforcement should be the goal. Those who work in law enforcement are not only public servants but they are also citizens of the community. Yes they should be held to a higher standard of interaction with the community. Their training, engagement with the community and commitment to better serve the community should make this a shared purpose. Law enforcement should be able to better engage with the citizens in the community they serve. Citizens of the community should feel safe, gain more trust of law enforcement since they will have more interaction with those who work in law enforcement. Citizens should feel comfortable communicating with and engage with law enforcement on matters in their community. This will also work as an effective recruiting tool for law enforcement to reach out to citizens interested in working in law enforcement.

It is time to be part of the solution and stop allowing the problem to overwhelm us all. We can make the needed changes to both improve law enforcement’s ability to do their work and citizens have the ability to trust those who are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the community.

Practical Not Political – “Justice for All” Means Real Justice & Real Reform

May 30th, 2018… I wrote the following statement: “Hey ‘america:’ – Amazing how you do not want us to ‘protest’ against corruption, injustice, inequality, racism. Yet, you feel it is fine for you maintain corrupt leadership, continue to allow injustice, inequality to run rampant and feel emboldened to express racist thinking, promote racism as this is the way it will be. No, this will no longer be the way it will be and your reign soon will be at an end. Your rapture and reckoning comes soon.”

On May 30th, 2020 I started writing this blog. So much has happened in this time period, I needed time to process all of this emotionally and mentally before writing my thoughts down. Even in professed rage and profound pain, I have work under control with progress and purpose in my heart, my mind. Two years later, the pain is real. This pain has been ongoing for 400 years now. This injustice has been in existence since 1619 to current day. It is past time for real justice, real reform, real policy changes. We need only look at the ongoing unrest now occurring in multiple cities to see a rapture and reckoning is taking place by society. The protest demands have spread into an international call for action, change, justice and policy reform. This can no longer be ignored suppressed as isolated events and denied.

The demands by the people, for the people – must be addressed and the corruption, injustice, racism, socioeconomic inequity running rampant must cease. The problem with this society, many only pay attention to the corruption, injustice, racism, socioeconomic inequity as tips of icebergs floating above the ocean surface. They want to minimize this down to isolated instances. The reality – millions of people have been swimming in this icy cold ocean water of corruption, injustice, institutionalized racism, socioeconomic inequity for the past four to five generations. This pain is not an isolated issue. This pain exists on a systemic level extending back to the beginning of this nation state.

This nation state never has fully taken accountability, ownership for exactly how it began its existence. Those in power, those who benefited from being a part in the creation of this power base do not want to have this uncomfortable truth told of all done to create this nation state. They only want the sections or segments of history told which keep them in a positive light. They want it to remain this way even if the painful truth is suppressed in darkness. Today, in this current era – the truth is coming to light from their centuries of suppression. This truth is moving like a mighty earthquake rupturing the earth apart. This socioeconomic earthquake is exposing the damage caused by the corruption, injustice, institutionalized racism and socioeconomic inequity which built this nation state on faulty foundations since its inception.

To understand the effects of the current crisis, you need to have the full history of the affects of the corruption, injustice, institutional racism, socioeconomic inequity which has been running rampant in this nation state since 1619. In 1619, people from other civilizations invaded this already inhabited land, claiming it has their own colony. This was the first injustice committed. The second injustice committed was those who invaded this already inhabited land they forcibly brought millions of men and women from the continent of Africa to then build this nation by their demands. Their demands were met utilizing physical, psychological torture inflicted with brutal force on both the enslaved workforce and the native indigenous population. This was the third injustice committed. For the native indigenous population the level of brutality and injustice inflicted upon them forced them to choose three options: assimilation, forced migration into reservations and or death. The fourth injustice existed in the brutality and injustice inflicted on people of color who were forcibly brought here as an enslaved workforce caused unspeakable pain and trauma for 246 years. This brutality and injustice continued for other 100 years where this nation state society existed as a segregated society. Due to all the four levels of injustice inflicted causing the genocide of the native indigenous population and the suppression of an enslaved workforce – this nation state quickly rose into a developed nation state whose morality compass was greatly off center. This off center compass allowed those in control of this nation to steer this nation state to enjoy the inalienable rights of justice life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness solely for their development, their well being, their prosperity. For the indigenous people and people of color they have been subjected to corruption, injustice, institutional racism and socioeconomic discrimination for over 400 years.

The events of the deaths of Breyonna Taylor in Kentucky, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, George Floyd in Minnesota, Manuel Ellis in Washington State are just four this year alone. Each death more painful than the last. Each senseless killing leaving the painful traumatic wounds of both pointless death due to excessive police brutality and a lack justice rendered has created this social justice earthquake to unleash itself. Combine these deaths with the deaths of Philando Castile of Minnesota, Eric Garner of New York, Sandra Bland of Texas, Tamir Rice of Ohio, Trayvon Martin of Florida with all historical accounts of systemic injustice and oppression tactics causing over 4,000 people to become ‘Strange Fruit’ hanging from this nation’s historical trees of evil, injustice all have become compound interests points of emotional, historical, physical, psychological trauma. This over 400 year cycle of ongoing trauma has caused the social justice earthquake which has opened up the painful historical debt of which this nation state has never fully compensated its citizens with the payment of justice.

‘america’ – We, the People will no longer accept your lack of corrective measures nor indifference to make justice a reality. No longer will we be subjected to this corruption, injustice, racism, socioeconomic inequity. We will no longer wait for compassionate speeches with minimal to no real reform. This is our time to be heard and you have no choice to listen. You have held us captive for your gain since 1619 to current day. Now we will hold you captive by our relentless fight for civil rights equality, justice for all and true socioeconomic reform. Just has you held us down, wrestled us into submission to comply by force since 1619, we are now turning this conflict back around for the demanding sake of justice and the end of this suppressive tyranny you have subjected us for 400 years. We the People will not rest nor yield in this pursuit of justice, reform is realized.

Now we move from the position of riot to reform, protest to policy. Know this ‘america’ – you are on notice. We will not cease in our nonviolent protests until we have real justice, real reform. We are not going to be lulled into a pacified state going back to business as usual just because of a few speeches and incremental legislation you think will quell our thirst for justice and reform. Quite the contrary, we are fully committed, actively engaged and focused on real justice, real reform. We will secure this justice, this reform by any means necessary just has you used all means necessary at your disposal to create this nation state by your hands. Just be hopeful, prayful, thankful we are working towards seeking justice and not seeking revenge.

Those who committed acts of injustice, acts of police brutality and misconduct will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those who committed these acts of police brutality, police misconduct must and should be held accountable to a higher standard. They are supposed to be trained to the highest standard which allows them to ‘protect and serve.’ This training does not give them the right to be the state sanctioned executioners of summary judgment who feel they can violate the constitutional rights of due process, right to a trial by jury and violate human rights by inflicting brutality and use lethal force without any reciprocity for their actions. Everyday citizens are subject to the same laws towards each other everyday and suffer the penalty for both violating the laws and violating human rights as well. Law enforcement is no different than the rest of society. There cannot be any separation of justice if we truly say we live in a equal, just society. It is time the axe of justice to fall on the necks of injustice.

This reform for justice and the elimination of injustice must happen from by concise reform by the federal government criminal justice legislation. This reform criminal justice legislation must be mandated to be followed and implemented by all fifty states and commonwealth territories. This reform criminal legislation must and will address police brutality, injustice and misconduct. This reform will mandate strict regulations for uniform law enforcement policy and procedures of which all state and local law enforcement agencies will adhere to those federal guidelines and statutes. This federal government criminal justice legislation will fall under the jurisdiction of United States Department of Justice in terms of both accreditation for federal funding and implementation supervision of this legislation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation working with the State Bureau of Investigation, State Attorney General Office will take the lead in all investigations of use of deadly force regarding police conduct and procedures. This reform will mandate local citizen review boards established city government municipalities who will work closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure all police conduct and procedures ensure all conduct and procedures ensure both the safety of its citizens and their constitutional rights are protected. If these reforms are not both enacted and enforced – local and state law enforcement agencies will lose their federal and state government accreditation and funding. Those found in violation of both police procedures and violations of use of lethal force in the performance of their duties will be subject to criminal charges, arrested for violating the law as an everyday citizen and answer for their criminal charge in front of a jury in the court of law. Everyday citizens are held to the standard of the law. This same standard of the law needs to apply to and towards law enforcement.

Enough political rhetoric and talk. It is time for practical policy and time for justice. This also mandates citizens stand up together and demand their elected policymakers from the local and level government up to the federal government are elected and tasked to ensure this work is done on their mandated behalf. I use the term policymakers instead of politicians for a reason. We need to get policymakers and public policy administrators into the working mechanics of local, state and federal government. Enough of the politicians who are partly responsible for this mess in the first place. We, the People are equally responsible for our apathy and indifference to allow this injustice to go unchecked this long. It is time for this embattled nation to truly live by the words “Justice for All.” We, the People will not rest nor waiver until “Justice for All” is achieved and sustained by just policies and procedures. It is time for the axe of justice to strike down on the necks of injustice.