60 Years Ago – The Little Rock Nine and Where We Are Today

60 years ago…

1,000 101st Airborne Paratroopers, under order by President Dwight D. Eisenhower,  marched nine Black American high school aged children past both the Arkansas National Guard and the vitriol anti segregationist crowd to integrate the public school system. 

Not only do you have to fight to change legislative policy for All – we have to be willing to stand shoulder to shoulder protect the forward march of equality for All and to work change the hearts, mind of people. Sixty years later, the battles to change the hearts and minds of people is ongoing, the battlefield really has not changed that much and this war to stabilize and progressively move this Republic forward towards equality and equal protection under the law has no end in sight. Even with no end, we need to ensure the right hearts and minds win out in this war. 

America claims to be an ocean of equality, diversity and inclusion. Just below the shimmering watery surface, an dark undercurrent of racism, cultural misunderstand and over selective historical propaganda seeks to pull down our society and drown our civilization in the murky depths of anarchy. During this time period, this nation state sought to fix centuries of socioeconomic injustice, racism and work to change the hearts and minds of millions. This change has not been easy. Equally more difficult has been working to achieve equality and justice for All. 

Six decades later, this challenge now more than ever needs positive, inclusive resolution. The vitirol of a segregated society that reared its ugly head during the Civil Rights Movement still resonates with painful clarity sixty years later. The tragic events that occured in Charleston, South Carolina and Charlottesville, Virginia and ongoing protests pointing out the need to both balance their need to exercise their First Amendment rights to peacfully protest the ongoing socioeconomic injustice, police brutality and racism and distractive points to people’s level of patriotism – show that this nation state, after sixty years of progress, still has more work to do to change the hearts and minds of people. We have to keep talking with each other instead of at each other in an effort to better the hearts and minds of people to keep pace with the civil rights legislation reforms and work together to take down the divisive institutions of racism that seek to keep us all from living, working and growing together. We need only look to the horror of displayed hatred shown to the Little Rock Nine sixty years ago. We have to learn from this historical moment as a mental milepost to see what behavior we do not need to revert back to if we wish to peacefully coexist living here together.

With all the Little Rock Nine did and stood for, we cannot let all they accomplished to be in vain.  



Freedom of Speech (Yes, We Have It so Long as We Do Not Tell the Truth)

“You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.” – Malcolm X

Amazing how much people value the Second Amendment right to “Bear Arms” than the First Amendment right of “Freedom of Speech.” Since when the number bullets you hold in a gun give you more rights than your one vote, your one voice speaking out and or against discrimination, inequality, injustice and racism. Freedom of Speech and the rights spelled under it are listed as the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. By all accounts, it is the cornerstone in which this Republic’s democracy began and sought to operate.

In a democracy, the people, not those in positions of power control and determine the direction of how this Republic functions for the good of All. The inalienable right to speak and protest peacefully and purposefully ties directly with the other cable cords of Liberty, Justice. Under tyrannical rule and or monarchy rule, the right to speak openly about injustice, lack of true liberty is considered an attack against the ruling estate. Such an attack cannot be allowed to stand nor take power becuase by its sheer strength of its power, weight of the masses behind it, such a movement would eventually push the ruling monarch, suppressive government out. Democracy, by its very existence, demands the right of all citizens to have the right to express themselves and to peacefully protest.

By no means is this an Elysium society. As many may want to believe that what is written in ink both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States is an iron clad agreement, honor binding us all to play nice together, the words alone do not make it so.  There exist this false illusion that freedom and liberty means the lack of rule of law and the need to work vigiliantly to protect the rights of all citizens against discrimination, injustice, institutions of corruption and all forms of racism (be it overt racism as to the supression of others due to the color of their skin, their faith, their ethnic background or be it covert racism as to the suppression of people based upon gender, sexual orientation socioeconomic status). Every institution created by man’s hands must be held in check against any forms of corruption, suppression of equal rights under the protection of just laws and any suppressive entities of injustice must be held accountable and stopped. 

For the many bright success stories, this Republic has historical dark truths forced into hiding behind corners because for many, the truth hurts. The truth of how this Republic was created, developed and maintained only wants to be measured by its historical success while not dealing with the historical and painful brutality it took to make this ‘Republic of Freedom, Liberty, Justice for All.’  Amazing how ‘america’ wants us all to be ‘Americans’ when it comes down to being uniform in a mindset where the flag is upheld over everything else but no one wants to talk about the millions of bloody enslaved souls and millions of native population souls killed in the stealing of their land in the effort to make this nation state as great as we claim it to be. Perhaps that is why Betsy Ross when creating the flag of this Republic made the red line to represent the blood spilled, the white for the bones broken and the stars to mean for the millions of suppressed souls killed over this Republic’s barely six hundred year existence since the first landings took place starting in 1619. Amazing how ‘america’ wants to talk about being great again rolling back to the socioeconomic state of the Jim Crow Era of government but does not wish to engage in the conversation of real time reality of ongoing socioeconomic injustice and the rising oligarchy caste system of the ‘have and have nots’ we are slowly evolving into which runs totally counter to all democratic ideals this Republic was allegedly create to exist as an independent nation state.

Amazing how Freedom of Speech only is seen in a positive light for sporting events. The same passionate zeal to have the right to waive a flag does not seem to apply for the right to speak against the discrimination, injustice, racism and suppression of the truth. Strange, I thought this was a democratic state where Liberty, Justice prevailed not where Idolatry, Propaganda reigned. It appears still that you ‘america’ want to exist as two different states. One state of utopia where on paper, everything is equal, just under the laws written. The reality exist as a freedom its citizens enjoy is based on your place in the socioeconomic status caste system built on the principles of capitalism not justice.

Freedom of Speech only applies when we are not dealing with discussing discrimination, economic disparity, police brutality and racism. When we talk about those matters both in historical and real time socioeconomic  impact, suddenly we are viewed as ‘unpatriotic.’ Quite the contrary, we have been the most patriotic of any race of people since this nation state was created. Our patriotism truly comes from being the heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears poured out from our every souls. We have endured all levels of oppression against us since being forcibly brought here against our will, our own true existence as a free people stripped away, culture and our language taken away from our own established civilizations and made to assimilate into this world, your language and abide by the laws of this Republic you established. In the midst of all that we have been forcibly made to endure just to exist, to live, to survive as a people in this land – we still fought for change, liberty and justice here on this domestic soil and fight for the freedom of other people on foreign lands when we did not have the same right, liberties those who we sought to free had immediately upon coming to this Republic  and still seek to remain here to hold this Republic to its “democratic ideals of liberty, justice for all.’ Yet seemingly when we exercise our First Amendment right for “Freedom of Speech” we are called to task, told ‘this is not the right place for it,’ ‘this is not the appropriate venue to discuss it,’ and my personal favorite that angers me to no end ‘how dare you stand up to protest against the flag and the national anthem!’ To that I reply ‘where was your opposition against me being forcibly removed from my native land to be brought here against my will, locked into institutionalized slavery and made to fight for the very rights you say I had the inalienable rights so listed in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States in which I as a naturalized born citizen have been so granted equal, just protection under its laws?’ Where have you been standing up against the oppressive racism and socioeconomic brutality we have endured for over the past five hundred years that sought to make a nation state off of the backs of institutionalized slave trade which built this Republic on the blood, bones and backs of suppressed people? Do you think we do not have the inalienable right to stand up against brutality, injustice here but then you can call for us to rise up and fight against similar if not the same brutality, injustice thousands of miles away on foreign lands? Sorry ‘america’ – that logic we cannot and will not follow and ‘that dog will not hunt’ anymore.
Memo to ‘america:’ You cannot have it both ways and claim you are right, we are wrong. You cannot uphold some air of an elitist, patriotic demand while suppressing the truth being told by the very people most affected by the systems of oppression you put in place to create the disparities, racist institutions which allowed this Republic to be built on the backs, bones and spilled blood of those oppressed. If anything we have a greater stake for this Republic to be a better representation and right to hold this Republic to a higher standard of Liberty, Justice for All. Understand ‘america’ we will no longer stand for nor continue to exist in this dual state existence. We are fully aware of who you really are ‘america,’ what you did to get to this point and who you have mistreated, underrepresented and marginalized out of this Republic to get to this point. We will no longer stand for this dual society. We will no longer allow you to silence our voices, our calls for justice and peaceful protest for equality and justice to go unheard, unrecognized and issues go unresolved. We will and shall fight to take our power and this nation state back.

The Second Jim Crow Era 

So they are issuing Presidential pardons to people who deliberately break the law, who disregard the ruling of the judiciary and the Constitutional rights of citizens solely based on economic, racial lines. Notice that this ‘honorable law enforcement officer in Arizona’ only pursued, arrested allegedly undocumented people of color who lacked economic resources to leave. Yes, the Second Jim Crow Era has begun and we are in for the fight of our lives. For this to be “a nation of laws” it is becoming more apparent that is more a socioeconomic caste system.

You see America you may believe, think you are existing as an evolving democracy. In harsh truth, America, you are devolving into a new oligarchy. In a democracy,  a nation of laws exist to provide, promote and protect a society where all can prosper under the rule of laws whereas life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can be maintained. In an oligarchy,  economics, not equality reigns, rules over the land. Society and its movements are strictly controlled by those who have dominance over the economics of its society. In an oligarchy – the few control the many and they answer to no one. In an oligarchy – law enforcement does not protect and serve society as a whole. It does the bidding of the few to keep the many oppressed, going after those who cannot fight back nor resist the attack because they lack the economic resources to defend themselves against unlawful search and seizure. 

The first Jim Crow Era in America was about who was welding the most command and control over the economic structure of this Republic. That command and control them wove itself into command and control of how communities would exist, how people should exist living together. The socioeconomic caste system was constructed to keep the wealthy from ever to have to engage nor deal with the working class. The weathy would only be responsible of ten percent of all taxable matters of the State, reaping ninety percent of all rewards. The working class would basically be responsible for ninety percent of all taxable matters of the State, only yielding ten percent of the reward. Of course the working class would be so busy trying to battle itself internally just to climb up the steps of a ladder constantly being pushed off the wall by the elite at the top, the teaming masses would both attack itself for the ladder falling back but be angry at anyone who got on the ladder first. The masses would be more angry at who dared to climb onto the ladder first, not who was kicking the ladder off. 

Today, the Second Jim Crow Era has begun. The first one failed to keep the many oppressed by the ruling racist  law of the corrupt few.  The corrupt few lost command and control only when the many people realized this socioeconomic caste system not only seeks to keep us economically suppressed but suppressed from obtaining true equality and justice for all. The Second Jim Crow Era seeks to both reinstate that socioeconomic caste system and impose the laws need to ensure this Second Jim Crow Era remains in place. In this Second Jim Crow Era, an oligarchy not a democracy will rule over the land. The needs of the few will override the issues of the many. The issues of the many span, touch all hues of skin but the few know this as a fact. They know this because they want the many dependent on them for everything. The few will cleave to this quest, this thirst for command, control so desperately they will even strike down those who even look like them but do not fall in their economic tax bracket just to keep their command and control over the society.

The Second Jim Crow Era will utilize the same tools to keep the many both divided, suppressed. Since economics, not equality, will dominate in an oligarchy – the few will look to have an over militarized local law enforcement to maintain both authority over the many and keep the many separated. In an oligarchy, the laws of the land always favors the ruling elite and subjugates the many. Justice only exist to keep the elite separated from the working class. You will never see law enforcement assaulting or harassing the elite. The elite gives the law enforcement power to rule as viceroys over the communities they serve. As long as the viceroys keep order over the many, which will keep the many both at bay and at a far distance from the ruling class, the elite care nothing for what tactics law enforcement uses to maintain law and order. 

Remember in an oligarchy law and order only protects the economic power base. Law and order in an oligarchy only cares for the protection of those who give them their power. Constitutional law, equal protection under the law does not apply. In an oligarchy the rule of law only favors those who are economically able to pay for both their protection from the masses and their existence at the upper ranks of the economic elite. The Second Jim Crow Era will impose this economic oppression across the entire Republic to ensure those within the ranks of the many will never take time to realize their challenges are no different than another person within their midst. The many, will be too busy fighting each other, complaining that the ladders were kicked down back into the masses not seeing their plight is the same. The many will be so distracted into being angry with each other, they will be too busy to see it was the elite at the top who kicked the ladders away stopping the many from ascending to a better place. 

The first Jim Crow Era stopped the Civil Rights Movement with the pacification of integration. We fell for it because we thought if we lived next to those who oppressed us, bought the same clothes, dined at the same restaurant we would be considered equal and have equality. The real battle for the Civil Rights Movement was for both equal protection under the law and the same economic rights by the law. It had nothing to do with assimilation but we chose pacification for the end of an unresolved conflict since 1619. We do not want to admit the level of barbaric, cruel, suppressive treatment known as legalized institutional slavery and destruction genocide of the existing native population in the creation of this Republic since 1619. We do not want to admit the Civil War was about economic class warfare and the sanctioning of imposing a socioeconomic caste system meant to keep the few wealthy elite in power over the working many so the elite would not have to be held accountable for responsibility to better this Republic for the good of all rather support only their selfish needs. 

Now, here we all stand at the beginning of the Second Jim Crow Era. We stand here at a sociological edge of the cliff with two choices. One, we build bridges to fix the pain of the past to go forward together. Two, we turn against each other, fight each other to allow the ruling elite to have their oligarchy dominion over the many and let the Second Jim Crow Era begin.

The choice is ours alone to make. Now the issue is, which one are we willing to fight and work for?

Memo to ‘America:’ Explain Your True Self Revealed

Check out @1DeepThinker7‘s Tweet: https://twitter.com/1DeepThinker7/status/896706417687760896?s=09

This blog posting will be straight no chaser. This will not be a feel good, loving post. This will be a reopening of an ongoing sociological wound pouring out generational lifeblood of pain, traumatic historical truth. Instead of me pacifying you with comforting bandaids, it is time for the hydrogen peroxide of historical truth to be poured on this wound. It is time for it to be fully closed and healed. 

This painful truth is playing out not only in Charlottesville Virginia but has been played out on many cities, communities throughout this Republic’s history. The cruel irony is that Charlottesville Virginia, like many cities of Southeast America, was a city built by slave labor on land acquired by the genocide of the native population as this new Republic began to move westward in its development. But in typical post internet America fashion many will quickly say that was a time long ago, we are no longer like that America. No, America, the America you see and have seen over this past weekend is the same America which has existed for the past century plus fifty years. It is just you keep moving the goal line of equality, justice back away from us ever reaching real results because those of you who benefit from keeping the inequality, the injustice, the hatred an ongoing measure of command and control – the game never ends and we are forced to keep fighting forward against the walls you enjoy throwing against us. Truth told, ‘America’ never likes this real America shown both to itself nor to the world. 

In this ‘America’ they only tell one storied version of history – the one that favors the nicest parts of a few milestone markers not the cruel pain of inflicted injustice. We like to talk about how great we were to win wars but we never like to talk about the cruelty of the millions of small battles we waged to take this land from others, forcibly impose million of others from their native lands to build this land through legally sanctioned slavery for over 300 years. For over 400 years, an entire nation state was built on the guise of freedom and liberty by the brick and mortar of oppression and injustice. But suddenly since the past 60 years have not been going in some peoples favor, they feel the need to go back to a time a place where they created, controlled and had complete command of everything, doing nothing but others doing all the work for next to nothing in terms of both compensation and justice rendered for all.

This will not be allowed to resurrect itself back to life nor will we allow those who seek this type of command and control to once again have dominion rule over this Republic. For those who seek this dominion rule, you showed your true face, your true selves to the world. Now it is time for you ‘America’s to explain yourself, your history and your actions to us and to the world. Humanity’s cruelty towards each other is not played out on global warfare but in our day to day battles of interaction with each other to coexist on this planet. Over the past few days, weeks, months and even prior years before this past weekend, ‘America’ showed the ugly battles still raging among us for all the world to see. Now ‘America’ it is time for you to explain yourself. You want the world to admire you for only your great achievements yet you deny the cruelty you have inflicted on others for generations and the evil mistreatment to still seek to impose on your own people. You do not have the right to claim injustice is occurring to you when you are the ones who have inflicted injustice, oppression, discrimination on your own citizens for centuries if for no reason they did not look like you, talk like you nor pray to the same GOD as you. If Heaven is not a place of segregation why then do you seek to live in a constant state of immoral socioeconomic segregation where only a few have rule over a subjectgated many. Explain yourself ‘America’ – your ugliness and your ugly history is showing for all to see.

Explain yourself. We, the People, demand answers, we seek equality and we will fight you in the streets for the inalienable rights of equality, freedom, justice, respect you seek to continuously hold back from us. We, the People, have had enough of living in your ‘America.’ We, the People, demand you explain yourself, step down from your command and control of this Republic and let us do it from here on out. You have been doing it since this Republic’s inception and you have made a wondrous mess of things.

Scribe – Face to Face

“Once evil rode in the darkness wearing white, covered faces

They did not mind doing the evil they did

They just did not want you to see their true face

Face to Face

Once evil rode in darkness

Fire hate torches as bright as the noonday sun

Rampant harbingers of death 

Torturing bodies

Terrorizing homes

Claiming their unjust acts were right 


They care not if you see their true face

Face to Face


They carry their hate torches

They carry, showcase their hate for all to see

Torturing bodies

Terrorizing homes

Faces uncovered

Face to Face



Do you see your true face?

We know this true face

We have seen, endured this true face



Do you see your true face?

Face to Face”

Scribe – Face to Face